A little punk never hurts! Women who are bound to wear shirts to work or otherwise also like wearing them for the sake of classiness it adds to one’s aura, they know the struggle.

There at times when you have to look your professional best, like for meeting a few important colleagues or maybe just to the office. The thing is, what bores women the most is repeating the same clothes over and over.

Ask any self-aware, confident women and she’ll tell you. It is sometimes hard to look best with any dress code restrictions. The key is, adding a little yourself into the look you are made to create. Thanks to bespoke tailor options like http://tailormenow.com/, one can incorporate their style with the right and sharp dress codes.

For having fun further, this is one option all women should consider trying. Wear the right kind shirt and style it up with the right kind of necklace.

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So go ahead girl, add that quirk to your shirts with the punk jewelry.