You’ve probably not given much thought to shirt collar styles till now, but there is much more to them than meets the eye. In fact, the shirt collar often decides when the shirt should be worn.

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Most collars are differentiated basis the shirt collar spread. As can be seen, the collar spread is the distance between two collar tips.

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The tall spread collar

This one looks good under a suit coat with a tie, as it has ample space for a coat collar to fit in underneath. This is the kind of collar one should wear in uber formal gatherings.

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Spread collars have a wide spread and look good when worn in casual gatherings. Semi-spread, as the name suggests, are moderately wide and versatile. These can be worn anytime.

Point collars look best with a tie, just like buttoned down collars. You may wear these with or without a coat, but a tie definitely adds to the essence of this kind of shirt collar. This kind of shirt collar goes best for business meetings and networking events.

With this, we hope we have widened your knowledge of collars and you now know which kinds to wear for what occasions.