When it comes to the corporate world attire, women tend to end up picking boring clothes. This is not because there are no options, this is just because you are not able to find the right ones. Well, the search ends, here are the 5 most stylish formal pants every woman should carry to their workplace.

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These are the most stylish and quirky one could carry as a formal. They are super cool, comfortable and looks fabulous.

Bottom Flare!

A pick from the late 90's, this look is sexy and classy. Fitted on till the knee and flare below it, a perfect attire to look confident.

Narrow Pants!

This is somewhat a body fitted pant which has a narrow bottom that ends below the ankle.

Cigarette Pants!

For a cutesy look on a sunny day, this will be your #ootd.
Ends an inch above the ankle and gives a cool look.