Why do we wear belts?

As you grow older, you may see that your hips just aren't made for holding up a pair of heavy jeans or pants. This is why belts were invented. And most importantly in today’s scenario, they add a different statement in your style.

But we always find a problem to choose the right one. So here we are trying to help you with your 5 must haves in your belt section.

1. Blacks and Browns

A formal black or brown belt, to go with your formal shoes (it isn’t difficult to find a double-sided style that features both colors). Traditional formal wear like tuxedo , added with a silver buckled black or brown belt will add star to your suit.

2. The Casual Leather Belt

Sometimes a casual leather belt can add a little panache to your boring routine of belts. These belts can take a beating and can look even better when wear over time.

3. The Smooth Suede Belt

The Leather is traditionally dressy, whereas suede is more casual. A suede belt will come in handy for less formal occasion. All and all they are sober for your personality.

4. The Slim Belt

Slim belts are a step more fashion forward, they are best for summer weddings. They are casually tailored so as to go with your summer routine, trying wearing them with linen suits and polo shirts.

5. Webbed D-buckle Belt

These are the summer belts for your healthy style statement. Make sure the color you buy goes with your wardrobe collection.