Clothes are not important to Success!

Mark Zuckerberg, wears the same sort of grey T-shirt and jeans every day, Steve Jobs never used to  go beyond his collection of classic Turtle necks.

“I like polo shirts. I wear one almost every Friday, and find it a nice change from the other days of the week. A work wardrobe consisting entirely of khakis and polos would have the important and egalitarian advantage of being cheap to buy and maintain, and would leave us with a bit more time to think about other things. The idea that nothing would be lost in the transition is, however, plainly wrong.”-taking a cue from the article -Sorry JPMorgan, smart guys still wear suits. (Sorry JPMorgan, smart guys still wear suits, Robert Armstrong , Financial Times)

Yet They are !

Come to think of it :What is common between the Czars & Moguls from the world of Fashion ,Business, IT, Entertainment, Media Banking & Economy?

No matter how superficial people might consider what a person is wearing, the truth is that we’re at a stage where more than just a cover for the body, Clothing, with time, has evolved to become THE COVER of one’s mind and personality. More than humans designing it, it has evolved to something that designs humans in a way that they use it to represent who they really are.

Clearly, something that represents power, stitched with elegance, and buttoned up with class, is a suit.

From Economists and businessmen like Raghuram Rajan, Ratan Tata, Ajay Bijli, Anand Mehra, Kumar Mangalam Birla, and Sabeer Bhatia, taking the secret pockets to their advantage and multiplying notes to carry in it.

To the people like Harish Salve, Fali Nariman and Soli Sorabjee, who are strictly stuck to the basic structure of the Constitution and well, clearly also to that of western formals,

To management gurus like Shiv Khera, who don’t fail to mismanage even what they wear, (not to miss the perfectly synchronized tie),

To journalists like Prannoy Roy, who are voicing out power not only through their words but also through their formal suits,

To medicine men like Malvinder-Shivender Singh, who don’t go wrong with perfect sets whether it’s their names or their attires,

And finally to style icons like John Abraham, Dino Morea and Arjun Rampal, who while wearing suits, literally make work look like play,

The altering of the size and style might keep happening, but never does that alter the essence and idea of a suit- the idea of having it exclusively for events, occasions and places where you intend to make a difference; where your mental and physical gestures of control and compassion are synchronised with how your body presents itself; and where feeling like a man takes over just being one. They’re full of secrets which are unveiled by actions of reaching for the pockets, folding of the cuffs, and the closing of just one more button. And amongst everything, not to forget the joy they carry, or as Barney Stinson says, “Suits are full of joy. They’re the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile.”