Winter is in full swing, and you should be ready to face it in style. If there is one thing that can add a real touch of class to your outfit is your scarf. So find out some elegant ways to tie your scarf.

Parisian Knot: Parisian knot is the most popular knot.

Parisian Knot

Overhand: Nothing could be simpler than this overhand scarf wearing technique.

Overhand Knot

Drape Knot:  Probably the easiest way to wear a scarf.

Drape Knot

Reverse Drape: Begin wearing a drape knot and then flip each side behind you.

Reverse Drape Knot

Reverse Drape Tuck Knot: Begin like a reverse drape, but make a full circle around the neck with one end.

Reverse Drape Tuck Knot