Are you the lucky one whose partner in crime is also your partner at work? She/he maybe your spouse or lover or just your sibling. Well, we think you two partners should match up your outfits to look like a team sometimes. We are not saying you aren’t already a wonderful team, but you might just be interested in looking like one for a while.

Here are a few ideas to incorporate in your duet wardrobe!

Tie-Skirt Duo
We are in love with the idea. The man can wear a printed or a patterned tie and the woman will just wear the same pattern skirt. The color of the blazer/court will obviously remain the same.

Dress-Shirt Combo
A nice check pattern print can be adapted for both a shirt and a nice dress to give the partners a cutesy and righteous work look.

Glamorous in Black!
For a sharp and glam look, this formal duo is perfect for those evening party affairs.

Double Breasted Bold Look!
A bold and professional touch is what you need just to look your confident best! This is perfect to win over in any meeting!