Motherhood is one of the most challenging, time demanding stages of a woman’s life. It is this stage that motivates and urges her to become more selfless than she is. From 5.30 in the morning, to whenever she retires to bed , she may be a colleague, a daughter, a wife, a daughter in law, at different parts of the day, but she is a mother all the time. In fact, she doesn’t cease to be a mother even at night, because she wakes up to check on her children at least once at night.

Her priorities change, and so does she. The 15 minute baths become 5 min ones on many days, the trips to the parlour and shopping reduce a bit… even if they don’t, the priority is always to buy something for the children and see a smile on their faces. It’s time to make her smile for herself. It’s time to get her to invest more time on herself. Tag your #WoWMoM for her selflessness, dedication towards making you who you are. Tag her for those early mornings and those nights she has stayed up for you. Tag her for her selfless love.

What happens if you tag her?

Well, you get her our exclusive fashion consultant’s visit at her doorstep. Our specialist would tell her the colours she should where, and what she should have in her wardrobe, and what not. Who knows, we could even stock a surprise for her. And all this at no cost or compulsion to buy anything.

If you are a mom yourself, feel free to tag yourself and win a visit.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank You, #WoWMoMs for making this world a better place.