It can be tricky for women to find the right choice of formal suits to wear for a 9 to 6 job. Women in client facing roles should have at least 5 suits hanging in their closets. Suits are incredibly versatile garments that can be worn in a variety of combinations. Here’s a guide for essential suits for women.

Black Suit:

A black suit is one of the most versatile dresses a woman can own. While a black suit makes a bold statement as it is, a black jacket paired with black pencil skirt offers a modern take on business dressing.

Charcoal Gray Suit:

A Gray suit is a staple in a professional wardrobe because of its versatility and polished look. The neutral appearance of a gray suit allows you to wear it with virtually any color or pattern shirts. Add a colorful silk neck scarf to liven up your gray suit.

White Suit:

A white suit is an essential part of any businesswoman’s wardrobe. It tells the world that you mean business, and that you are confident enough to wear white, which gets dirty easily. When wearing a white suit, it is generally a good idea to wear a coloured or patterned shirt, belt, or scarf.

Navy Blue Suit:

Blue is the new black. Blue suit has never been more popular for professional women as they are very versatile to wear in any weather, winters or summers.  Pair it with plain blue or thin striped light blue shirt to give elegant formal look.

Light Gray Suit:

A Light Gray suit offers a slight deviation from regular wear. This hue suits both business and pleasure, and complements the majority of colors you already have in your wardrobe.