Pocket squares are an ultimate confidence booster when it comes to men’s wear. If you are a confident and a contented individual, a pocket square is all you need. It will be a cherry on the cake.

  • Cactus Fold

It may sound a bit too weird, but this one comes out really well and looks stylish for a casual outing or a distant relative’s wedding.

  • Lotus Fold

This one has more of an elegant touch and goes amazingly well with traditional wears.

  • Rose Fold

Another one for the traditional wears, this is one of our favorite floral looks for the wedding season.

  • Petal Fold

As simple as petal is, this fold is exclusively elegant and can be worn for both business meeting and a wedding affair.

  • The 3 level fold

The three level fold stands for confidence, elegance and the willing to conquer. Best worn to a board meeting or big meeting, this will add the extra elegance factor to your look.