The suit is more than just a garment for men, it’s a gentleman’s armour. It makes you look polished and immaculate. Having these five suits listed below, can cover up all your garment needs. Literally.

The Black Suit:
A Black suit is an invaluable part of a man’s wardrobe. A single -breasted black suit takes one’s personality to the next level. This multi-purpose suit can be worn for important business meetings, weddings, and formal dinner parties too.

Black Suit

The Navy Blue Suit:
A navy-blue suit is the most basic necessity in a man’s wardrobe. Solid navy implies professionalism and respectfulness, respect for yourself and your audience. You can wear this suit every day of your life with a white Oxford shirt and brown shoes and you will never look boring.

Navy Blue Suit

The Charcoal Grey:
A grey suit is something you can wear without thinking twice. The charcoal grey suit is the cornerstone of every man’s business wardrobe. If you have a job for which suits are the norm, this is essential.Follow this thumb rule, the more formal the occasion, the darker the shade. Following this rule, a charcoal grey fits all sorts of occasions.

Charcoal Grey Suit

The Cotton Khaki Suit:
A cotton khaki or chino is the suit for spring and summer. Khaki is a classic color and it is appropriate for the office and has enough edge to pull double duty on weekends. People like this sandy color; not too dark, but not too pale.

Khaki Cotton Suit

The Tuxedo:
Tuxedos are formal and are classically referred to as dinner clothes. You can wear a Tuxedo in a formal wedding celebration exclusively in the evening. If you’re invited to a “black-tie” event that means you must wear a tuxedo.